B45 One Hand Birch Wood Training Baseball Bat: B45OHT - 26 inch

B45 One Hand Birch Wood Training Baseball Bat: B45OHT - 26 inch

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  • 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Length: 26 Inches

  • Weight: 24 Ounces

  • Made From B45's Pro Select Quality Yellow Birch Wood

  • Cupped Barrel End

  • Slightly Flared Knob

  • Colorway: Black | White Logos

  • Helps Enhance Top & Bottom Hand Strength

  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Recommended For Training With Soft Toss & Tee Drills

  • May Be Utilized To Help Break In New Fielding Gloves

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B45 One Hand Birch Wood Training Baseball Bat: B45OHT
Baseball Bats Training
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black
Deals Personalization Eligible
Material Wood
Vendor B45
Wood Type Birch


B45 One Hand Training Birch Wood Baseball Bat: B45OHT

Hone the smallest aspects of your swing when you train with this One-Handed training bat made by B45!

Bat Benefits

One-handed bats are extremely good at helping players develop very specific aspects of their swing. The shorter length allows a batter to effectively take hold and swing the bat with just their top hand or just their bottom hand. And when swinging with only the top or bottom hand, the batter can handle tee work or soft toss. 

Once a player had dedicated themselves to one-handed work, they will be able to put the skills they have gained from each one-handed swing into the finished product of a full (two-handed) swing. As well, we believe that a lot of players will find that by the time they are done with their one-handed work, their hand-eye coordination will be improved.

B45 has crafted this bat with their Pro Select quality birch wood. With that quality material and the all-black color design, we believe that any player will fall in love with swinging this bat!


B45 believes so much in the quality of their birch wood bats, that they offer a thirty (30) day warranty on this bat. If you buy it from JustBats and experience a durability issue with it before 30 days pass from the date of purchase, please let the JustBats Bat Experts know. They will get you the details for organizing a warranty replacement process with B45.


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