B45 Pro Select B271 Birch Wood Baseball Bat: B271PS

B45 Pro Select B271 Birch Wood Baseball Bat: B271PS

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  • 271 Turn Model - Medium To Slightly Thicker Handle, Long Taper and Shorter Barrel Length.

  • Approximate Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel (Commonly Preferred By Both Contact And Power Hitters)

  • Built From Pro Select Yellow Birch (Birch Displays Some Hardness Like Maple, But Also Flexes Like An Ash Bat)

  • Cupped Barrel End

  • Slightly Flared Knob Shape

  • Colorway: Black

  • Features A Thirty (30) Day Manufacturer's Warranty With B45

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B45 Pro Select B271 Birch Wood Baseball Bat: B271PS
Baseball Bats Wood Baseball
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black
Deals Personalization Eligible | Used
End Design Cupped
Hitting Style Contact Hitter | Power Hitter
Ink Dot No
Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Wood
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor B45
Wood Type Birch


B45 Pro Select B271 Birch Wood Baseball Bat: B271PS

B45 has created their birch rendition of the classic 271 wood bat turn model! Don't miss out on it!

Bat Benefits

The 271 is probably the most famous wood bat turn model out on the market. Scores of amateur and professional players reach for a 271 style of wood bat when they head to the plate.

A 271 bat's popularity amongst hitters can be attributed to the fact that it incorporates features that both contact and power hitters enjoy. The barrel diameter and barrel length will be smaller than what you would typically see on a true power hitter type of wood bat. However, when compared to a bonafide contact hitter bat, this bat's barrel does take on a little more shape (as opposed to the handle just tapering straight out from the handle to the end of the bat; like contact hitter bats will sometimes do).

When it comes to the handle, this B271 won't be as thin as a true power hitter bat, but it won't be extremely thick like some contact hitter bats either. The handle also has a flared knob to it that gives it a professional look & feel (many pro-level players like a flared knob). As well, this writer would comment that B45's B271 bat has a less pronounced flare on its knob when compared to other companies' 271 styles of wood bats.

Lastly, B45 crafts the bat from birchwood. Due to that birch material, it will display some barrel hardness like maple, but still flex a little bit between the handle and barrel at contact (like the ash bats). Birch bats present the middle ground between the ash and maple wood bats.


B45 extends a generous Thirty (30) Day warranty on this high-quality wood baseball bat. If you purchase this bat from JustBats and it breaks down on you within 30 days from the purchase date, please let the Bat Experts from JustBats know. The Bat Experts will be able to get you the info to make sure you can get in contact with B45 and arrange to get a replacement bat!



Customer Reviews

Swings nicely. Solid finish. My son used it in a collegiate wooden bat league with good results. I chose this model and size (32") based on the height/weight charts, and that it is made from yellow birch. Birch seemed like the right wood for me as it is less massive than maple. I will never be a power hitter, but I can swing this bat very comfortably. Beautiful, classy finish when new. (A few hits in the cage took care of that! <g>) Comfortable handle with traditional knob. Just Bats/Just Gloves has been excellent to buy from.
Review by Opal (Posted on 3/9/2022)

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