BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Baseball Bat: HW37M

BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Baseball Bat: HW37M

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  • 100 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

  • BamBooBat Fungo Turn Model - Displays A Shorter Barrel Length That Tapers Hard Into A Thin Handle (7/8 Inch). Should Be Easy For Any Coach Or Player To Grip And Swing.

  • Length: 37 Inches (Popular For Hitting To Outfielders, But Can Be Used To Hit To Infielders As Well)

  • Weight: BamBooBat Does Not List A Specific Weight, But Describes The Weighting As 'Super Lite'.

  • Made From Bamboo Wood (One of the Strongest Natural Materials on the Planet)

  • Pro Cupped End

  • Traditional Knob Shape

  • Available Colorways: Black | Brown | Green | Maroon | Navy | Orange | Purple | Royal | Scarlet | White

  • Designed To Create A Light-Feeling Bat For Coaches Hitting A High Number Of Fly Balls Or Ground Balls To Their Players

  • Taping The Barrel Can Extend The Life Of The Bat

  • Quadcore Technology - Strengthens The Barrel For The Best Durability And Performance. Allows Ball To Jump Off Barrel

  • Matte Handle Finish - Improves Grip

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  • SKU 22562

BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Baseball Bat: HW37M
Baseball Bats Fungo
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black | Blue | Brown | Green | Maroon | Navy | Orange | Purple | Red | White
Deals Personalization Eligible
Material Wood
Vendor BamBooBat
Wood Type Bamboo


Constructed from one of the strongest natural materials, BamBooBats are made from the highest quality bamboo available. There's no more worrying about breaking a bat like you would see in the normal wood bats. BamBooBat's Quality from the Core gives you a 100 Day manufacturer's one time warranty replacement. This means that even if you don't connect on the sweet spot and suffer a break, BamBooBat will replace that bat if it happens within the first 100 days of your purchase. Built with their Quadcore Technology, you are provided with a nice balanced feel that lets the ball jump off the bat. BamBooBats are made with long barrels giving you a larger sweet spot and cupped end for that nice, balanced feel. All BamBooBats are made with a high gloss lacquer finish, and this model is specifically designed for use in outfield drills with its 37" length! BamBooBat: Go Green, Save the Earth. Free Shipping!


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