BamBooBat One Hand Training Baseball Bat: HWBR18T - 18 Inch

BamBooBat One Hand Training Baseball Bat: HWBR18T - 18 Inch

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  • Length: 18 Inches

  • Weight: Approximately 18 Ounces

  • Crafted Out Of High-Quality, Durable Bamboo

  • Little-To-No Cupping On The Barrel End

  • Traditional Knob Shape

  • Colorway: Red | White

  • Helps Improve Top & Bottom Hand Strength & Skill

  • Improves Hand Eye Coordination

  • Recommended For Training With Soft Toss & Tee Drills

  • May Be Utilized To Help Break In New Fielding Gloves

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  • SKU 28127

BamBooBat One Hand Training Baseball Bat: HWBR18T
Baseball Bats Training
Bat Type Baseball
Color Red | White
Deals Personalization Eligible | Bundle and Save
Material Wood
Vendor BamBooBat
Wood Type Bamboo


BamBooBat, a Pinnacle Sports Equipment company, is here to help take your training and practice to the next level. If you want to be the best, you need to train like the best. The BamBooBat One Hand Trainer is an ideal tool for the use in soft toss and tee drills. This specialized training bat has been designed to help players improve hand-eye coordination, hand strength, and overall bat speed and control. These are the key elements that every player must develop to succeed and dominate during every at bat! This model is constructed out of the finest high-quality hardwood to help players improve contact and most importantly, their confidence. The traditional knob combined with a conventional handle make this model a force to be reckoned with. BamBoobat- Be Better Than The Best!

This BamBooBat One Hand Training Baseball Bat (HWBR18T) features an 18-inch length, a white and maroon colorway, and it weighs approximately 18 ounces. Build your confidence, practice like the pros, and buy one of these BamBooBats today with free shipping! Remember, we're here for you from click to hit!


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