Brett Bros. Maple/Bamboo Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MB110 Adult

Brett Bros. Maple/Bamboo Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MB110 Adult

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  • 110 Turn Model - Thickest Handle, Long Taper and Shorter Barrel

  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • Made From A Maple Outer Shell & Bamboo Inner Core

  • Non-Cupped Barrel End

  • Standard (Conventional) Knob

  • BBCOR Certified For High School & Collegiate Approval

  • Legal For Play In Intermediate (50-70) & Junior League Divisions Of Little League Baseball

  • Colorway: Brown

  • Patented BOA Fiberglass Reinforced Handle Adds Strength

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  • SKU 6655

Brett Bros. Maple/Bamboo Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MB110 Adult
Baseball Bats Wood Baseball | BBCOR
Bat Type Baseball
Color Brown
Deals Personalization Eligible | Exclusive Bats | Bundle and Save
End Design Uncupped
Hitting Style Contact Hitter | Power Hitter
Ink Dot No
Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Wood
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor Brett Bros
Wood Type Composite Wood


The Brett Bros. Maple/Bamboo Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MB110 Adult is here! The Brett Brothers entered the bat business with the goal of ensuring that coaches at all levels of baseball have access to superior quality composite wood bats that are cost effective. Consistency and durability were the primary factors when establishing their bat designs. The Brett Brothers have been involved in baseball their entire lives, through Bobby and John's Minor League careers to the Professional careers of Ken and George. The Brett Brothers know baseball. Even today baseball is an important part of their lives, with each brother being involved in their own way. George, who is still a part of the Kansas City Royals Organization and a hometown hero here in Kansas City, was a career .305 hitter with 3 Batting Titles, a 1985 World Series Ring and an induction to the Hall of Fame in 1999 to round out his 21 year career in Kansas City. Not only did he prove to be a consistent hitter he showed that he had the knowledge to succeed. The Brett Brothers understood that having reliable wood was an important component. This is why they implemented their 3-piece laminating system along with their patented Boa fiberglass reinforcement that is applied to the handle. The MB110 combines the bamboo core of the Bamboo Dragon and maple laminates to create a bat with unparalleled durability. Brett Brothers: The Very Best in Baseball! The MB110 is now BBCOR Certified and legal for High School and Collegiate Play! Free Shipping!


Customer Reviews

Most durable wood on the market. I have used mine for over 6 months and it still performs very well. durability and feel. used all season (18 games). Teammates went through 5-6 bats,I only used one!! Very hard to break. Will last a long time. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I have not broke this bat in over 3 months, and its still going strong. OMG this is the best bat i used it for 21 games and it stills runs good this is one of the best wood bats on the market I purchased the Old Version of the MB-110 several years ago. This summer I hit 5 HR's with it in 60 at-bats including a 400ft Homerun after it cracked and I taped it up! VERY STRONG BAT WORTH THE MONEY. AWESOME! Bought one for my son as a freshman in high school. He is now a Senior and is still hitting with the same bat, while others have broken bat after bat. This bat DOES NOT BREAK!!! No matter what you do to it it will not break. It also hits very far. The bat lasts forever. I've had mine for 3 years and it still sent a ball 400 feet into the wind! And that's even with stress fractures in its handle. Brett bats are rediculous. great bat. the mix of the maple and bamboo makes it perfect GREAT BAT! For anyone looking for a good priced wood bat that won't break this is what you want. We bought this bat for a 13 year old team to take batting practice on cold days (to protect our game bats). The coaches also use it heavily to hit infield and outfield. After a few thousand swings by kids not used to wood bats, it is as solid as day one. After looking at how the bamboo core is made, I can't imagine it breaking. Our kids appreciate that it came in a 31 inch version. Looks Great
Well Made Bamboo bends but doesn't break.The bat will last. Half the team used the bat and it lasted a year and a half. Maintained a nice sweet spot through out it's life. i have used this bat for almost two seasons and it is still not broken. tons of pop. its a great bat and would highly recommend it Very sharp lookin bat, i have hit somewhere around 850 to 1000 balls with it so far and not a single problem, bat has good pop to it as long as you are catchin the sweet spot Fantastic Bat, great price. Everybody on the team wants to use it though! I'm 5'8" and got the 31".
The bat feels thick and hefty but has nice balance and feel. I can really feel the ball 'deflate' when it connects on the sweet spot, and it definitely lets you know when you hit one off the tip; shocks my hands, but still drives the ball well. It has good pop, and it feels great when you hit it on the sweet spot.Didn't break even after hitting many off the end. Great feel. Love the sound of hitting with wood. Gaining more pop in my swing with every practice. Was able to hit good right away didn't take any getting used since its the same size as my aluminum bat. Wow! Perfect balance - not just weight, but the balance of the woods is amazing! Nice whip & stregnth of bamboo and great feel of maple off the bat. This is an excellent bat. Durable, quality construction. Nice balance; slightly end weighted but not enough to slow it up. Full season under it's belt and still hitting strong. I love the bat. It's built like a tank Nice finish, great feel and balance. My 14yr. old son uses it for batting practice and the wood bat gives him much more feedback than an alumn. bat great bat has amazing pop and i love it! Great bat! my 12 year old son loves it and yes is very durable. We only use it for training. We will use a lighter bat for games. Great pop for a wood bat. You can kind of feel the ball shoot of the bat when the ball hits the sweet spot. Makes a really nice sound too! Also, the bat feels really nice when you swing it and is balanced well. Overall, a great bat! I plan on using it a lot. Great price too. You should definitely buy this bat! my son has had his bat for over six years, used it for high school and travel ball still hasn't broken, as a coach i recommend it to everbody it's a great bat. still use it for batting practice. Pretty Light, Nice Pop, Even Weight Distribution, and Hard to Break. Im in highschool and bought this bat and it worked wonders for me through my fall ball season and is still durable and has heavy pop while i am using it for indoor hitting. The barrel is small but i like it because there is still a large sweetspot and the weight distribution is well balanced. Also it has killer looks. will not break, I have taken countless shots on the tip or handle and has not broken at all. Essentially, this has the durability of an aluminum bat but is a wood bat, which is what it is. I watched team mates break lots of louisville sluggers, maruccis and other brands while this one kept holding up. Do not buy the straight up maple, this one is more durable with the same pop and price. This bat is the best value in baseball. Killer bat with killer pop! My son hits the ball better with this bat than any BBCOR bat. All BRETT BATS are BBCOR certified.. This bat is beast! I use it in the Denver NABA 18+ AAA league, and it always performs. Whether in the cage for bp, or when it's game time, this bat is the real deal. Solid handle with very little flex in the handle, and the barrel has plenty of sweet spot, with tons of flex there with the bamboo core. I love it and I will buy another soon. Nice weight and solid bat. Like any wood bat if the ball is hit in the sweet spot, the bat provides a strong "POP". I feel very comfortable using this bat for 18-24 games and it is comparable to Marucchi or any other bat supplier. great feel, makes solid contact I use this bat for the first time and was amazed at the pop it has!! Im sold love this bat. it looks good and has a nice grip. its a very solid bat and the ball jumps off this bat. its a little end loaded but perfect for bp/slow pitchers. i have had it for a day and have already hit over 250 balls with it. This bat has a lot of pop my friend has one and once i used it once i was sold i had to get one. This is one of the best bats i have ever swung in my life. This bat is like no other. The first hit you get with it you will understand. It was iffy when i ordered it in the mail but the first day first hit was a 320ft bomb over the fence. this bat in my eyes is better than the marucci brand i have swung a marucci but the bamboo and maple is imposible to beat it just that good very balanced, has great sound when hitting a baseball, extremely sturdy, handle feels great great bat tons of pop to it. feels very light. GET THIS, NOT MARUCCI OR DEMARINI OR ANY OTHER BAT JUST BRETT. Great bat to go hit with , has a great feel when you swing it ,positive results when you connect with it .Hit one 420 something feet in a game the other nite ! slick looking Great balance, a lot of pop. Extremely durable, I've taken several shots of the handle with no breaks. Best bat for your money, and has a great feel to it. good looking bat with quality craftsmanship. I bought this bat for my 13 yr old son to swing in league play to improve his hitting in major tournament travel ball. I personally believe he hits the ball farther than his Rawlings Plasma metal bat. It has a great sound and after 2 months is still going strong. I'm going to buy another one. this is a very durable bat with great pop.....wont break ever!!!....i was alittle bit nervous about the pop since all everybody talked about was its durability but wrong it has POP!!!!! This bat for a composite has very good pop (although not as much as a high end straight wood bat) i have used it as a BP bat for a year now and works great! but i would not use it in a game because it feels soft off the bat solid bat
great finish
weighted very good
and of course THE PRICE!
great job brett bros. I've had this Brett Brothers bat for 3 20+ game seasons and I'm still using it. I use it for BP, cage, soft toss, & games so it gets it's swings in. The weight is nicely distributed and the larger handle knob adds good control of your hands while swinging. These bats also have great pop and the fiberglass wrapped handle make them extremely strong. Another guy on the team has one too & never had a problem with his either. Great bat, cool looks, great pop, great in all weather conditions. me and my 19 year old son had a baseball game in the dead of winter. WHILE IT WAS SNOWING! I recomand this bat to anyone who is a pro. Durable, solid, great pop, great feel. Nothing is better. GREAT BAT, Looks nice and glossy. Has crazy pop! Excellent balance, perfect pop, and the finest durability you are going to find in a wood bat. Recommended to all types of player. Has a sweet barrel and a knob that is great for bat control and base hits. good weight to it
nice pop
my Demarini wood bat broke within 2 months of it being bought and i picked this one up off my friend and it is the best wood bat i have ever used! I like the look with the two-toned wood. Just got this that today and It is loaded with pop, I am very suprised on how good this bat is and how inexpensive it is, thank you Brett bros for making such a great bat and thank you justbats for selling this awsome bat for such a great price. Best wood bat I have every used. Great pop. This is the only brand I prefer to use in wood. I hit very hard from the big part of the barrell and end; it hasn't broken yet. I have tried several other wood brands but it seems Brett Bros has the best bats. Solid contact when you hit with the barrel. Great bat with tons of pop. Seems very durable. My kid has used in about 15 games with no issues. He is hitting the ball hard with this thing. Very well balanced. Great well balanced bat feels great when you make contact with the ball This bat is awesome! The bounce of the ball of the bat is better than most of the metal bats on my team! bat is very very durable! i have only had it for two weeks and have it about 100 pitches and have taken 10 of the handle and 4 off the end at 85mph and did not break. Good balance, good looks,
quality wood, at a great price. as advertised Ended up being used as team bat in Wooden bat tournament. Did not break, good solid bat. No issues. looks good, good pop for composite bat, Excellent pop. My son loves it!! Great bat. Great feel, good pop. Durable. Right on Brett Bros. Well balanced and light. Nice pop. Beautiful finish Does not crack on balls hit on the handle. Balance and feel are very comfortable affording a good sense of control. Hard bat I play in a semi-pro league in New Mexico. and i have been using this bat for th elast 6 months, and i cannot say anything bad about this bat. I am hitting .825 over 17 games all with this bat. off the handle, off the tip doesnt matter where, this bat always seems to get out of the infield. Great bat. It has a lot of pop for a wood bat. It is the best price for Maple/Bamboo bat Solid, durable, great finish, has good pop for a wood bat. My son is in high school baseball and has used this bat in batting practices and training. After 5 weeks of hitting the bat literally still looks new. He had Tommy John surgery and is starting his comeback and anxious to start using it again! I will definitely be looking at a second one later this year. For the price I don't think you could get a better bat! If you are looking, this one is a definite buy! great bat has a lot of pop The bat is more of a 4 and a half star rating but I rounded up since its well-made and a great price.
Very light and well balanced, excellent bat control. The ball will also carry surprisingly far when you hit it just right, it doesn't explode off the bat but gets a lot of lift and "softly" goes deep. I highly recommend this bat for contact hitters who have/desire bat control.
great pop from a wood bat.better than bbcor composite and aluminum bats. great pop and very durable We bought three of these bats. My older son (17 yo) plays in college and has two bats and my younger son (13 yo) has the other. They love the bats. Good pop and they seem as durable as rhe other reviews state. For a wood bat, this is an amazing bat. I have been swinging this bat since apirl and nothing has changed. You can really feel the ball fly off the barrel. I have swong MANY bats in my lifetime and own over 10 wood bats right now, and this is in my top 3 Very Balanced feel. Almost indestructible
Great bat, well balanced, good pop! I got this bat a couple of years ago and it did not crack. It is still one of my favorites. My team loves this bat right now. My coach got one for the team to use and we love it. Hasn't broken yet!
Good feel when you hit one off the sweet spot. Great bat, my son loves it. On a cold rainy day he doubled twice to deep right field in it's first game use. Also, has hit a few off the handle in practice that I know would have broke a regular wood bat. Bought this bat for my fourteen year old. He absolutely loves this bat. He says it feels really great in his hands and is well balanced. He says he feels like he has more bat speed. Easy to make connection. Excellent feel and balance. Great finish. This bat feels and looks good. It has a nice sweet spot and it allows me to get a nice swing because of how it feels, This Bat is strong, durable, and nice looking. Very durable, had it for 1 year and it has not broken yet. Decent pop. Great Bat, Well balanced, the best wood bat I own This bat is amazing. I used it last year in the fall and fell in love. One of my favorite wood bats I own. Durable, solid feel, and a nice color. Second Maple/Bamboo bat I bought for my sons. Our first was purchased last year and is still strong. I purchased a second one because my older son cracked his slugger. Incredible bat no better bat on the market. Bee-u-tiful bat, just as was described on the web site. Now all my son has to do is wait to use it. Thanks, Brett Bros. for a great product. Good pop. Great looking bat, less sting than my ash bat, and feels like a little bigger sweet spot, swings very smooth. Great feel. Big sweet spot. Love the pop of the maple. Looks good too. I would use it in games over most BBCOR. Have yet to use it in a game, but hit a HR with it in our intrersquad scrimmage. Great bat. Little end heavy, but other than that, just a solid stick. Had to get it for a fall wood bat tournament and being the first time ive swung a wood bat, AMAZING. Really great bat. Has an amazing pop. If you connect very well you will hit bombs. I'm talking about Barry Bonds bombs. Beautiful look too. A+ bat. As a 16 year old baseball player I could say this has been one of my favorite bats. Outstanding. Love the feel and durability. The knob on the end is very large, but I grew to love it. The bat felt like a dream. It felt like the entire thing was a sweet spot. I used it for practice and for almost an entire season of an adult baseball league. Overall, very durable. Great quality bat has helped my batting. Had it for two weeks and it cracked right where the "brett" logo is. Called up Just bats and within ten minutes they sent me a new one completely free. Has amazing pop for a wood bat. out of all the wood bats ive used, i like this one the best. its really strong and wont break like over bats 2nd season with bat. Still has alot of pop. Had other bats and all broke within mid season.Have recommended to others.Great bat for money you cant go wrong with this bat Crazy pop! Feels great all around during/after swing, and seems like it should last some time. This wood bat is high made for best. Recommended for all good baseball players. Good looking bat. My son said it feels good and seems to have good pop. Gorgeous bat. Very well built. Nicely weighted, with well above average pop. Good weight and sturdy. Definitely recommended. Pop as good as any m9 Louisville slugger but is 10x more durable. Handle has a great feel. Pretty balenced Awesome bat. Like how the ball sounds off the bat Bought this bat for my 14 year old son. He has used this bat alot ahd says this bat in his words "AWESOME". All of his teammates wants to know where he got it and the price. When he tells them the price, they all said he was lying. We told them to go to JustBats and find out themselves, now they are all believers. Great Bat. Great pop, just as good as any other BBCOR bat. I like the feel, and comfortable to swing. very nice looking, good sounding, wont break easy Just got this bat for my birthday...WOW!! Just finished BP and no joke, this bat has major POP! Bat looks good,see cons. This bat is great! It has good pop and was great for my first wood bat. It has a great sound and is durable. It has a good finish on the barrel. Strong, good weight distribution. Great pop. Better then our aluminum rawlings plasma bbcor. Coach and I hit with the kids yesterday and were hitting line drives to the fence and homeruns all day long. Wish i had this bat in college This bat is amazing. When i bought the bat i was expecting it to have a heavy feel to it but it felt surprisingly light to swing. Another pro about the bat is its pop. I started off using the bat as a batting practice bat but the more i swung with it the more I liked it. It has better pop than my bbcor metal bat so i started using it in games and I've been doing well. And with this price its an amazing value. Doesn't hurt your hands - even when hit off the end. Good pop on the sweet spot. Awesome bat! I purchased 2 of these bats for my twins, who are playing in a 14U league. They've been swinging the bat hard and hitting the ball as far as any of the other kids who are using BBCOR aluminum bats. Lots of pop, great finish, and highly durable. This bat also has a great appearance and looks better than a lot of super expensive bats. This bat was solid for my first wood bat. Great pop and light swingweight. It's great. It has nice pop and is durable. Also is really light. I have the 33" bat and I usually use a 31", but I can't tell a difference. Good Pop
Extremely Durable
Looks Great Very Solid wood
Good Pop
Will Make a great Paractice and cage bat for a long time Hits well. Great bat for the price. My 12 year old had his first AAU wooden bat tournament, his second at bat bombed a 275 foot HR. awesome pop compared to others bats. Great pop, even out of sweet spot. Durable. Weight perfect
Look and feel great
Feels like a strong bat Feels and looks good
Good pop for wood
Like the finish on handle Where to begin? Huge pop! Bat has good balance and feel. Used this bat in my wood bat league, hit .405 with 14 jacks in 48 games. It reinvented my swing. The barrel looks small but it has a large sweat spot. has a feeling like you didn't hit anything it just goes. Great bat already ordered two more for the season. Out performs metal BBCOR bats. Was caught reaching on a change up made solid contact and still hit a 365' double. Hit 5 singles off the handle that still got out of the infield have only had it for 6 games. Bat is well balanced, has excellent pop, and is built to last. I was a firm believer that you had to spend money if you wanted good results. Boy was I wrong with this bat. I bought this bat to fill out a Christmas list when I was running out of the set amount of spending money. I knew it was not the bat my son wanted, but thought he could use it early in the season and when it broke I could get him a good one. Now I do not think I could pry it from his hands. He is smashing line drives with this bat, game after game. He has been fooled on a few pitches and taken them of the handle. Most bats would have broken, but not this one. Our team broke 8 bats this weekend all more expensive and some bought the day before the tournament. This bat is the real deal and I would recomend it to anyone. Thanks Brett Brothers for making the best bat at the best price. I got this bat at the beginning of fall and i used it through fall and the winter and it never broke. i also use it for wood bat showcases and it still has all of its pop. Lighter than expected. Great sweet spot. Great looking bat! Great bat last & last, and has great pop. Got a full season with every day hitting. Just got 2nd bat as back up for Perfect Game events I play baseball year round and hit at the cages almost everyday. I've been using this for about 1 1/2 years and has taken countless shots off the handle and has not broken yet.Dosent hurt if you take one off the handle better pop that a lot of metal bats (including my demarini voodoo)
Weight is very balanced so you can get a quicker swing
The finish is cool
Incredible durability amazing amazing bat very durable and solid. okay pop. I have broken 5 wood bats this year. I found out about Brett Bros. Maple/Bamboo Wood bats from a teammate. I purchased one and have used it for a couple weeks with great results. has amazing pop for a wood bat!!! very cheap for such an amazing bat! they could raise the price and it would still be cheap for the amount of pop this bat will give you! the durability is the most impressive thing about this bat. you can hit it off the end of the bat or get jammed and it wont break. The bat feels very lightweight and also looks nice. The bat has decent pop for a wood bat not the best but is good. great bat, very durable, chips and has break-like looks but still hits fine, Overall very good bat Buy this bat. Nothing else to say...seriously. Bat is durable and the ball comes off the bat very well. My son has been using this bat for 2 seasons now and it is starting to show the ware, was played at the 12 and 13 year old level. Has a good sound and seems to be durable thus far. Nice finish. Appears durable. 15 year old son has used it for practices and BP for 2 weeks and no sign of weakness. He says it handles great and feels great. Hits like my bbcor 5150 and sounds great Seems to have very good pop and a good balance
Still new to using the bat-- Time will tell good pop... easy to get around played in 8 games so far bat has held up. bat has tremendous pop for an inexpensive bat very impressed so far. And its looks good Pop is amazing, never hit the ball farther.
Looks nice.
Handle is a good size. Has amazing pop, as much, if not more, than a metal.
Looks sick. Great feel. Lasts very long.
Well Balanced .
Good Pop.

Brett Bros. Sick bat. So much POP. Loved swinging this stick. Went yard alllllll day. This bat has great pop. I have had this bat for 2 seasons already ,the bat also has a perfect balance for power and lighter swing for those power hitters and quick hands hitters. It has great feel in hands and swing. When in contact with the ball the bat has a great smooth solid feel. And lastly has a big sweet spot for them big power hitters. so far so good The sound of a good hit is a load pop. You know its solid contact by the sound. Velocity of a well struck ball and carry distance is similar to aluminum. You will not be disappointed with this bat. The price is beyond a steal. It has great pop and durability. Great bat to train with (smaller barrel forces you to swing for contact) I just got this bat today for Christmas and I went and hit with it off the tee and soft toss it is GREAT! It has a lot of pop and is super light i got a 31-28 and it feels like a -5. This bat is awesome i would recommend this to anyone. I am just planning to use this for bp or in a all wood bat tourney. It has enough pop for a wood bat to use in a game though. Overall I love this bat. Good balance and feel with this great looking bat. Very little vibration, hard hit drives. It's a great bat while it lasts. some good pop, and the best over all wood bat ive had. this bat just wont break Bought this bat for my son who is a high school sophomore, he has been using the bat for off season training and loves it. The bat has great pop and sounds awesome. This is only the first season using the bat but it seems to be holding up great. Great feel. Nice pop. Easy to swing. Definitely recommend this bat to someone looking for a wood to swing. Decent feel and look Amazing pop, very nice weight distribution (slighty end-loaded). The fiber glass on the handle really holds this bat together for a long time Great pop. Great fell. Durable. Very cool looking bat. Super fast shipping and great customer service too. Everything, durable, great pop, well balanced, and looks great. Had this for a year with no problems and just ordered another in a bigger size Amazing pop and bat speed I'm hitting the ball harder than I ever have and its perfect for early spring highschool games Very good bat has a good feel and does not sting when you hit the ball. Great Feel
Extremely Durable
Great Look
This bat has great pop. It really has nice finish and feels great. The Barrel is a perfect size too. This is great for power hitters. All around great bat. AWSOME!!!!! i play babe ruth baseball in washburn and this bat has gotten soooo many homers its almost not funny but all in all this bat is the right choice for middle school hitters and up I bought this for my 13 yr old son who plays modified and travel ball in a Babe Ruth league. This his first wood bat an he has bbn anxious to use one. He hit his first home run this year with this bat and he says he will not go back to metal BB Core. He loves it and it seems to have the same pop as hi metal bats maybe more. Thanks for the smooth transition from metal to wood. This is a all around great bat and its great for any size and age
very durable and light weight -held up over a full summer season through tons of balls hit off the handle, while my teammates were breaking their maruccis
-very balanced feel
-solid pop
-extremely low price Looked good and felt good when I got it. This thing is strong! Great pop, light, and end loaded. This bat is perfect for practicing for the middle-school aged hitter. The weight is balanced throughout the bat and does not feel like a -3 even though it is. The bat has a big sweet spot and has great pop for a wood bat. This bat is also virtually unbreakable! Great bang for your buck Great looking bat, and great feel. Very lively, and a good choice for my son, a contact hitter. A really nice bat. This bat was crafted by the Hand of God. He must of went out back to the Garden of Eden and chopped down the most fine Redwood. This bat was used in Heaven by Babe Ruth and sent down to Brett Brothers by the angel from Angels in the outfield. The mapleis so otherworldly - like something from a Stephen King novel. The bamboo was christned by the King of the whole Panda race. If Voldemort had used this bat as a wand against Harry the series would have ended as soon as it began. Had Napoleon used this as a weapon in the Battle of Waterloo it wouldn't have been his last. You could turn around the speed lf light off the handle and still drive it down the line for a double. You can take a chainsaw to it and it'll come out looking better than before. This bat is the greatest thing to happen since the Big Bang. doesnt break at all


feels light

doesnt feel like bamboo

pops well Nice solid bat
Looks great
Swings nice Great bat! Won't break!,
Review by Valley (Posted on 4/8/2022)

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