Brett Bros. Maple Master Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MM110 Adult

Brett Bros. Maple Master Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MM110 Adult

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  • 110 Turn Model - Thickest Handle (This Specific Model Actually Has A Slightly Thinner Handle Than Most 110 Turn Bats), Long Taper and Shorter Barrel

  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • Constructed From Maple Material

  • Uncupped Barrel End

  • Traditional Knob Shape

  • BBCOR .50 Certified For High School & Collegiate Play

  • Legal For Play In Intermediate (50-70) & Junior League Divisions Of Little League

  • Colorway: Natural | Brown

  • Patented Boa Fiberglass Reinforced Handle For Increased Durability

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Brett Bros. Maple Master Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MM110 Adult
Baseball Bats Wood Baseball | BBCOR
Bat Type Baseball
Color Brown | Natural
Deals Personalization Eligible | Exclusive Bats | Bundle and Save
End Design Uncupped
Hitting Style Contact Hitter | Power Hitter
Ink Dot No
Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Wood
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor Brett Bros
Wood Type Composite Wood


The Brett Brothers entered the bat business with the goal of ensuring that coaches at all levels of baseball have access to superior quality composite wood bats that are cost effective. Consistency and durability were the primary factors when establishing their bat designs. The Brett Brothers have been involved in baseball their entire lives, through Bobby and John's Minor League careers to the Professional careers of Ken and George. The Brett Brothers know baseball. Even today baseball is an important part of their lives, with each brother being involved in their own way. George, who is still a part of the Kansas City Royals Organization and a hometown hero here in Kansas City, was a career .305 hitter with 3 Batting Titles, a 1985 World Series Ring and an induction to the Hall of Fame in 1999 to round out his 21 year career in Kansas City. Not only did he prove to be a consistent hitter he showed that he had the knowledge to succeed. The Brett Brothers understood that having reliable wood was an important component. This is why they implemented their 3-piece laminating system along with their patented Boa fiberglass reinforcement that is applied to the handle. The Maple Master MM110 is a solid one-piece bat turned from select maple stock. Brett Brothers: The Very Best in Baseball! The Maple Master is BBCOR Certified and legal for play in high school and college. Free Shipping!


Customer Reviews

looks good works good threw 150 days still doesnt have not one crack Bat has great pop.
takes forever to even chip.
handle will never crack on you.
the bat has increadible feel to it.
this bat is great for bp considering it doesnt break and its a -3 length to wieght ratio. great pop. well balanced. feels great. also very durable I bought this bat back in January and have used it at all my practices and games. Has great pop and is very light weight. I have hit several off the handle and end of the bat and still holding up. Durability and weight balance. Very durable. Excellent pop and balance. When you hit the ball square it may sounds like it broke, but its in excellent shape. Excellent maple bat. Well made and great feel. Very good quality for the price. Bought it for My 15 year old son and he likes it better than the Mizuno maple bat. good pop, large sweet spot, very difficult to break, good balance really good bat..have only had it for a couple of weeks, but it has really good pop Great bat. I got my first use of this bat last week. So far I'm batting 1.000. Ball comes off the bat very nicely. Even after a few inside pitches the bat held up. It is a very nice light bat, which is good against fast pitchers. I would recommend this bat to anyone This bat is great! Feels solid and durable, you dont have to worry about it breaking. Great job with the looks of the bat. Ball just flys off the bat and for such a cheap price its better than $100+ bats with out a doubt. Great looking bat and great value. Hope to break out of my slump! Have used it in 10 games and is still holding up. Maple is very strong. Great pop. love this bat Solid bat with great pop! Good Pop, Hard to Break It's a great bat it has awesome pop the weight ratio is really good and the hitting surface is big Has great solid feel to it, really durable. This will be the 4th season with this bat. Have used in games, but mostly used for BP. Hit balls off the end and the handle and hasn't cracked at all. Definitely got my moneys worth. i am writing again to say that I still have my bat and its still just as great as the first day out of the box...I love this bat! Great pop, Great balance,Works good with stick pine Tar, DURABLE Great pop, takes thousands of balls to break. you can hit the ball wrong 200 times and the grain wont even split. very sold. great bat all around. Excellent Bat, have owned it this season and has no damage yet. Great pop and balanced feel. At this price it can't be beat. I just ordered one more! Durable as anything...used it for three years. Just broke. Really light bat too- as light a wood bat as you will find. Very durable and has pop. Bat has a great feel, and had good pop. Nice finish to it and very well balanced. I like how the bat was light and how much pop the bat had . Great bat, solid and strong sweet spot. Just bats does a great job with customer service too ! Terrific value for the price, a pro quality maple bat..... Great bat for durability. Seems like it will never break. My teams have used these forever as cage bats and all they do is shave down. If you are looking for durability, this is the bat. I have one that has lasted over 5 years of consistent batting practice on the field and in a cage. This bat is very light. I am a line drive over the infield guy and this bat is perfect for that. I am not the strongest guy but I still hit solid liners to the outfield with this bat. I wouldn't recommend it for a big power hitter because it's too light but for the line drive hitter, I highly recommend it. Best wood bat out there!
Bat sounds incredible when you make solid contact

Gives you good hits when youj hit it on the sweet spot. this bat never has even chipped and great pop This bat has tons of pop. The two colors on the bat look nice together. It has a very nice feel to it. It is balanced beyond belief. good feel for the sweet spot. plus plenty of pop for a wood bat thing has loads of pop just like baboo
handed this thing to ga and he went deep like 7 times Like the feel , looks good under the night lights ,and you don't have to put a bunch of power in the swing seems to just fly off. Bought this bat after reading all the great reviews...since I was shipping this bat to my son who is playing in a summer wood bat league two states called to confirm the shipment address and legit purchase..thanks for being on your game Justbats and making that call to me to prevent CC fraud!! I think this bat is overall one of the best wood bats you can have. I use this bat for batting practice and I love it. Excellent weight and balance. Have had this bat for 3 seasons...about 90+ games. Taken plenty off the handle and off the end of the bat and it keeps going. It'll probably break eventually, but then I'll order another! I see comments about it letting you know when you don't hit the sweet spot, but then, so will any bat! Use Brett Wulfman for the dimple balls in the cages and it works awesome ball moved son broke on 4th swing as he got sawed off has a great lightweight feel and pop Balanced swing, not end weighted. Solid Maple, very hard wood and extremely durable. Mine is going on 2 years, 40 games per year. The previous one went three years and only broke it in the batting cage when I hit a slow pitch on the end of the barrel. Have to get another one as my 15-year old son took mine!! Beautiful finish yet very durable Skinny handle, Nice Pop, hit the ball 405 feet, Nice balanced light swing Strong , seem indestructible. Had a few rounds of practice and a few games. Hit one off the end of the barrel and it held up fine.
Good Pop. Pop is great with a good sound.
Well balanced bat
Nice pop
Sounds good when hit flush extremely good pop. i??ve taken many swings with it for high school baseball and it hasn??t cracked a bit yet. so it??s an amazing bat I ordered this for my 16yr old nephew who plays HS baseball. He has always hit batting practice with wood bats. This is his second maple bat and he says they are great.
The bamboo bats are nice but they have a much smaller sweet spot compared to maple.
Long story short, you can't go wrong with this bat, great price, great bat, 2 thumbs up! It's a good solid bat. Bought it for my 14 year old son and he loves everything about it. great feel. The bat has great balance and fantastic pop! very impressed. Have been using the bats in game and for practice. Fantastic bat performance..... Pop & balance. Just played in the Perfect Game underclassman event in Florida. Bat held up to a week of 80+ mph pitching. He hit very well with the bat. Very well balanced. The ball flies off the bat. Gets pop for a wood bat. Way better than any wood bat over $100. For sure!!! Had 31 went with 32 and 33
-Nice Pop
-33 not used yet
-32 getting all the swings
Keep making good bats Purchased for 14 year old son. So far, so good. He seems to be making good solid contact, considering this is the his first drop 3. Not enough time to give final opinion yet. Looked great- nice finish
Balanced swing Great bat for a 14u player for a number reasons. If you haven??t bought this bat and your shopping, debating and waisting time then make this bat your choice. As a coach I personally see the performance of most the top rated bats on the market. I buy at least 3 bats a yr for my 14 yr old son, and we play hardcore travel ball 12 months a yr. We enter a few wood bat tournaments throughout our seasons and we want to make sure we have as much of an edge as possible and this is my personal pick of our bat line up. To be honest I went on the site to buy another 31?? and they are out of stock. Go figure ?? but is a must buy and company need to buy more immediately!!! Pop Solid
Well balanced

Well balanced Seemed to be a pretty decent bat with ok pop. Looks good. Feels balanced, good pop. When my son first told me that he was hitting farther with this bat than with his 2020 Meta, I thought he was crazy. Yesterday, I saw first hand that he was right. He took BP with both bats, and was consistently hitting it farther with the Brett Bros. Something about this wood bat got my son real excited about baseball. He is starting high school and this is his first wood bat. Everyone on the team loves it and he is hitting really good with it Outstanding bat for the price. Good balance and plenty of pop. My 14 year-old grandson uses it mainly for batting practice especially when temps are cold. Can see slight thread dimples, but after thousands of reps the finish is still in good shape.,
Review by Edna (Posted on 3/7/2022)

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