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Oscar Jasmine Perfume

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Women wanting a luxurious floral perfume would do well to try Oscar Jasmine by Oscar De La Renta.

This fragrance came out in 2016, and it is a perfectly lovely perfume.

Sparkling ginger orchid and green florals make up the top of the composition. The heart contains notes of orange flower and jasmine. Cedar and sandalwood are the scents in the base to give it more sensual and creamy qualities.

Oscar De La Renta was born in the dominican republic and got his start working as a fashion designer. After he completed his education, he moved to the united states to work for Elizabeth Arden. He began developing his reputation, and after he made a name for himself, he branched out on his own. His started his own brand house to design his own fashions. His work quickly caught on because people simply adored the feminine offerings that utilized excellent fabrics. The brand has become so recognizable that De La Renta even dressed several first ladies of the united states. Much like the fragrance itself, the bottle for Oscar Jasmine is intricately designed. It uses a beautiful green and blue shading to create something that will look wonderful on your boudoir. 

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