Easton 35" Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat: F4

Easton 35" Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat: F4

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  • Length: 35 Inches (Popular For Hitting To Infielders, But Can Be Used To Hit Outfielders Too)

  • Weight: Approximately 22 Ounces

  • One-Piece, All-Alloy Fungo Bat

  • Colorway: Black | Yellow

  • Designed To Create A Light-Feeling Bat For Coaches Hitting A High Number Of Fly Balls Or Ground Balls To Their Players

  • Taping The Barrel Can Sometimes Help Extend The Life Of The Bat

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

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Easton 35" Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat: F4
Baseball Bats Fungo
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black
Deals Bundle and Save
Material Aluminum
Vendor Easton


This is Easton's newest all-purpose fungo bat, the F4. Made from a durable alloy, this Fungo measures 35 inches long and has a lightweight 22 ounce swing weight. A thin 31/32 inch handle makes the F4 Fungo easy to handle and a pro-taped grip allows for long, comfortable periods of usage. Fungos are specifically designed for coaches to easily hit ground balls and fly balls for infield or outfield practice. Coaches know that hitting ground balls and fly balls to their team can be tiring. The unique shape of fungo bats makes them light weight and extremely easy to swing without wearing your arms out. The fungo bat will make it feel like you are swinging a bat that is a fraction of the weight of a normal bat and will give you extra distance even when you swing easy. The end weight design helps build momentum so that it requires less effort to swing it hard enough to hit the ball to any part of the field. Fungos have become favorite among coaches because of their lightweight, durability and ease of use. Top top all of it off, this bat has a 12 month manufacturer's warranty period with Easton! Easton: Know-Feel-Be The Difference! Free Shipping!


Customer Reviews

good pop light good all purpise bat Would buy again Good feel
looks cool
super light
nice pop
Wife can hit hard ground balls with this bat. Even better! Unbeatable price to value Great pop along with great feel. Light weight and very durable. Wasn't sure what to expect over the wood models but very pleased. It has got quite the workout the last week since we got it and it does very well. Has great pop and range with little effort. I use it for our 12-15 yr old travel team. Best fungo I've swung!,
Review by Roland (Posted on 4/5/2022)

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