Marucci CAT8 -5 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC85

Marucci CAT8 -5 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC85

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  • 2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Drop 5 Length-to-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel (Precision-Balanced Barrel Results In A Lower M.O.I. And Balanced Feel For Precision And Control)

  • One-Piece, All-Alloy Baseball Bat

  • Features USSSA BPF 1.15 Certification

  • AZ105 Alloy: The Strongest Aluminum On The Marucci Bat Line, Allows For Thinner Barrel Walls, A Higher Response Rate And Better Durability

  • Multi-Variable Wall Design Creates An Expanded Sweet Spot And Thinner Barrel Walls That Are More Forgiving After Off-Centered Contact

  • Ring-Free Barrel Construction Allows For More Barrel Flex And Increases Performance With No Dead Spots

  • 2nd Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob Features An Upgraded, Harmonic Dampening System For Better Feel And Less Negative Vibrational Feedback

  • Micro-Perforated Soft-Touch Grip With Extra Tack Improves Feel And Control

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

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Marucci CAT8 -5 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC85
Approved For USSSA
Barrel Diameter 2 3/4
Baseball Bats Youth
Bat Construction One-Piece
Bat Type Baseball
Color Red | White
Deals Personalization Eligible
Length to Weight Ratio - 5
Material Aluminum
Series CAT8 | CAT
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor Marucci


Take your game to the next level with the new and improved Marucci bat lineup. The CAT 8 USSSA Baseball Bat features a maximized barrel length provides a wider sweet spot thanks to its longer surface area. One of the main differences from the CAT 7 is the new and improved AZ105 Alloy, the strongest aluminum on the Marucci bat line, allows for thinner barrel walls, a higher response rate and better durability. This Marucci bat's one-piece alloy design blends year-round durability with a traditional feel, and its ring-free barrel construction eliminates dead spots while improving flex. Its precision-balanced barrel provides a lower M.O.I. nd balanced feels that makes it easy for any style of hitter to enjoy their personal best results. The 2nd Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob will feature an upgraded, harmonic dampening system for better feel and less negative vibrational feedback. Marucci Sports: Honor the Game.

This Marucci CAT 8 USSSA Big Barrel Bat features a -5 length to weight ratio, a 2 3/4 inch barrel, and the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification. The sting-free comfort knob is ergonomically-molded nylon engineered for best comfort and control, complemented by a micro-perforated soft-touch grip whose extra tack makes for a no-slip hold. Every element of the CAT 8 craftsmanship comes together to earn a sterling reputation: these Marucci bats provide simply the best look and feel with the most "pop" off the bat and the least vibrational feedback, making an ideal fit for any age and strength of hitter. Pick up one today and enjoy free shipping and a full one-year manufacturer's warranty. Don't forget, with our expert customer service, we'll be here for you from click to hit!


Customer Reviews

My 14 year old has used this bat twice now and he loves it! 13 y/o crushes with this bat. He doesnt complain about any sting at all. It seems like the ball jumps off the bat even more than the cat7. none Easy to handle My son loves this bat. Great pop and feel. Nice balance great pop. Love the grip
Excited to play a game with my new bat My smallish 12 year old is using the -5 to prepare for middle school in the Spring when he has to go to BBCOR. The bat is so well balanced that it feels and swings much lighter than it is. The pop is very good as well and you can tell by the sound if he has hit it on the sweet spot. No idea on durability yet as he has only hit about 100 pitches and taken 100 swings off the tee but it seems to be solid so far. Very good pop on the bat and is very durable. I broke it in during practices and now I hit nukes. My son is a 5??5 132 pound shortstop/pitcher. He is on a competitive travel team. He has been batting in the 9 position until he wrapped his hands on this bat. He has quickly moved up to ??cleanup hitter??. It is amazing how hard the ball is coming off this bat, but most of the power is probably coming from his dedication in the weight room this winter. He max benches 120 pounds by the way. I feel for the pitchers who have to face kids with this bat in there hands. Hot bat, with very good balance and feel with great pop! Looks good as well! It come with an engraving of his name and custom digital wrap. My son loves this bat. He is playing 14U and must use a drop 5 bat. The 31/26 Cat 8 with 2"3/4 barrel was perfect.
He has been using a Marucci Cat7 drop 10, with a 2" 5/8 barrel up to this point and I did notice the extra distance with the heavier weighted bat at drop 5. I would recommend this bat. Our 5th Cat. Hot right out of the wrapper. My son loves the feel, balance and pop. Lots of pop. Well balanced. Bought for my 12 year old son who is extremely strong for his age. Homered in his second at bat of the season. The bat jars a lot if you don??t hit it on the sweet spot I have a tournament at mineral springs and I??m not going to use it because it hard so much and my hand is all red because it hard so much Son plays 12U triple A. Started with Easton ghost X 31/23. Broke end cap three times within a month. Got a beast speed 32/22( figured hybrid might last season even though we traded down and lost 100$) Kid wouldn??t use it. Too light he said. Tried the Cat composite on a demo and he broke it. Realized he can??t use composites anymore we bought the Marucci Cat 8 32/27 . He loved it out of the box. Adapted to the added weight and length. Hit well first tournament with it. Second weekend got his first HR with it, along with a triple and a double. No complaints on sting or balance. Good bat Bat feels great in my hands. I love the sound it makes! Marucci makes a great bat right out of the box! My son is playing All-Star baseball this summer and will transition from -10 to -5 for Middleschool. The new CAT8 drop -5 is helping him transition easily and confidently. We are fortunate to have other teammates who have the same bat in drop -8 so if later in a tournament he feels the need to back off the weight, he can swing the same great bat. This is also his first all metal bat which feels close to a composite USABat but with more "pop." We are looking forward to great AtBats, especially as he gets stronger. Bat is excellent. Kid batting .511 23 games into season. All open tournament games not counting showcase. If your young one has fast hands this bat produces. Broke three composites during off season. Best alloy out there Vary balanced and has lots of pop This bat has amazing pop no vibration an amazing feel an is the best bat I have ever swung. The ball jumps off the bat and flys far at an amazing speed. Also has a huge barrel. Large sweet spot
Great pop
Price - well balanced
-good pop, large sweet spot
-no sting
My son loves his bat so far. Awesome pop on center hits, good pop on edges of sweet spot and no sting on hits off of the handle. Huge sweet spot every time you hit The ball it is hit hard Good Grip. Nice and light swinging. Hit the ball hard. ,
Review by Cunning (Posted on 3/5/2022)

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