Miken Ultra II 13.5" Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2

Miken Ultra II 13.5" Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2

  • Free Shipping

  • No Warranty

  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • 13.5 Inch Barrel Length

  • More Balanced Feel

  • One-Piece, All-Composite Construction

  • Only Approved for Play in SSUSA & ISA

  • Colorway: Black | White & Red Graphics

  • Carbon-X Shell Technology - Provides Added Strength And Durability Without Taking Away Performance

  • E-Flex Ultra Technology

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  • SKU 6387

Miken Ultra II 13.5" Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2
Approved For Senior Softball
Barrel Diameter 2 1/4
Barrel Length 13.5 Inch
Bat Construction One-Piece
Bat Type Softball
Color Black
Deals Personalization Eligible | Closeout Bats
Hitting Style Contact Hitter | Power Hitter
Material Composite
Series Ultra
Softball Bats Slow Pitch
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor Miken


If you play in a senior softball league or a league that does not have a national affiliation, this is the bat for you! Hands down the hottest bat on the market, Miken's Velocit-E Ultra II brings players unbeatable performance. The one-piece, 100% composite Ultra II features Miken's E-Flex Ultra Technology that allows the barrel walls to flex inward to create monster trampoline effect and a GIANT sweet spot! The Ultra II also uses Carbon-X Shell Technology and that provides added durability and maximum distance each time contact is made. This bat features an ultra-thin 13/16" handle for excellent control and a 13.5" barrel length that gives it a huge hitting area. This is the bat that changed the game of softball forever. Get your hands on the highest performing product ever made for slow pitch softball: The Miken Ultra II (MSU2)! Miken: We Don't Play the Game, We Dominate It! This bat is approved for SSUSA and other Senior Softball play. It is NOT approved for ASA or USSSA play. This bat does not carry a warranty of any kind. Free Shipping!


Customer Reviews

The ball flies!! Turns an average joe into a powerhouse! This is the bat that has changed the game.
There's never been anything like it.
It will add 50 feet to your swing The bat was great out of the box. First game the team had 5 homers and in past years we mit get 5 for a year. Extremly hot out the wrapper. First game we won 28-14 with our team hitting 12 homeruns. I went 4/5 with 2 homeruns. One was a tape measure shot the other was more impressive because it was a lazer never getting over 15 feet high. Awsome bat this is s super bat. one thing about it, it does have a breaking in period, about 50 to 75 hits i found. never used a better bat hit mamouth blasts any one got any suggestions on something better cause i always wanna hit the ball further Hr after Hr, at least you hit a double!! The Ultra adds distance and speed to your swing. This is the best bat made for its price great bat hit the 14inc ball very good lots of homeruns This bat is hot out the wrapper! We have a juggernaut and synergy on our team and they don't come close to the distance or speed on this! great bat for super distance!!! excellent service from JustBats.com (best online for softball bats) THE BEST BAT EVER. WHEN THE BALL IS HIT CORRECTLY, EXPECT HOMERUN DISTANCE. Best bat ever made. The Ball flies off the bat.Infielders will be afraid of the ball and outfielders wont run for it cause its alrerady over the fence. 8 games i have 6 homers on a 330 fence and clear it with ease.Im only 5'9 180 Wow. Just wow. This bat is one of the reasons Miken is the best. Incredible distance and sweet spot..Best bat i have ever used. Makes you feel like a steriod era power hitter,even on bad pitches.Our field's 300ft fences seemed like 200ft with this bat.If you can use it in your league,do it without any regrets...except..see below. this bat turn everyone into a Man-imal! There isn"t anything better than this bat. was swinging the 28oz. model moved up to the 30oz...hitting the ball further with less effort than the lighter bat. better feel. Great bat sweet zone. I play in a senior league where this bat is legal.A lot of "POP"! Excellent response Little to no break in time. Home runs just fly off the bat. Grounders are insane on a dirt infield. Hit big bombs. This Bat is AMAZING! Easily adds 20'-40' to my hits, and it's not even broken in yet!
Thin handle is great, swing weight feels good. If you play in a league that wil let you use this bat - BUY IT, if you don't BUY IT anyway as a "confidence booster" practice bat! "Bombs Away!" Listen I play in a coed league and I used the bat for the first time and let my other teammates use this bat as well and it was nothing but a freaking homerun derby. OMG the other team could not understand how our girls were hitting shots and the guys were hitting it to the other diamond. It's a nice price and you get a bang for you buck. The Ultra II in my opinion is great. Ball contact produces power hits/HR along full length of barrel. Have Ultra II Maxload, fantastic bat but stings if hitting near center of barrel. Hot bat Great bat for over 50's. One of the best out there. One of the best Slow Pitch Bats ever, can only use in Senior {50 +} Softball sweet spot is big enough, long range, The ball jumps off this bat! It definitely adds 20-40' to your HRs. The best bat by far. Nothing comes close to the power of a Gray, Black or Red Miken. Great bat for seniors competition! Fair price and speedy delivery. Hottest bat on the market Very hot bat takes a little while to break in. Once it starts flexing ball jumps off the bat. Hit in warm weather only. If you are a gap hitter bat will last a long time. If you are a power hitter I agree with some of the reviews above about the bat breaking, I have hit some home runs in batting practice and I am not a home run hitter.I have about 300 cuts on my bat and it is going strong. I try to cut everything and not hit the center of the ball that might add more life to the bat. This Bat's name should be the Enola Gay. It is an aboslute Bomb Dropper. Mid-life Crisis? Get this bat and get your confidence back. Insane. I feel like it gives me 30 to 40 feet but I am much more willing to swing for the stars. Giving me 80 to 100 feet longer bombs. It's insane. outsatnding bat/ it hit well right out of the wrapper /my 3rd swing was for a home run in a game 300'( i now have 2ultras) Good Balance and hitting out of the box. Looking forward to having finished breaking it in and then watch out. Love the bat Bat is sick! Ball is hot off the bat! Bats ok compared to the OG Ultra that was banned by Utrip and ASA. If your a big guy using these you will hit shots but you will be replacing this every couple hundred swings. I have been using the Ultra II senior bat for Over 6 years, i purchase many ULTRA II senior bats....during the first 4 years, This was the BAT!!! the ball goes an extra 50 feet without any effort. have two of them now, one for two years, no problems at all. great distance with both bats. This is great bat, I really enjoy using it. It doese take a while to break in, but after that wwatch out. I sold my 27 oz & bought a 29 oz, I like the heaver bat, it's gives me better control. Hit a shot last night, will be using it this weekend in the Crabtwon Classis in Glen Bernie, Md.
I am only 13 and i used this bat in a pick up game today and crushed a ball at least 290-300 feet! And it was my first time playing slow pitch softball. Just Bats was VERY good at getting my bat to me promptly. Excellent, but too hot for ages 59 and below..
Pitchers at great risk, many players still horses at age 50 and above.. Great bat. Without bats like these the game would be boring. Any palyer who thinks this bat and others like it are an unacceptable danger to the players. Should consider changing their sport to something more in line with their abilities, such as golf or maybe cards. Maybe even start a new softball league and use very soft equipment. Please stop trying to destroy the game guys like me love. best bat for distance out there, and hard line drives. Excellent bat
Best Bat ever, the feel, the stroke, the balance, this bat has it. Lots of pop out of the box. I went with the 30 oz. for more power and it was defiantely the right move. I have hit more over the fence in 2 games than I have all season last year. Wide sweet spot, extended hitting distance. I have back trouble and this bat at my age (54) provides me with the handicap I need to remain competitive with the young guys! Effortless distance. Great feel. Great pop out of the rapper. Senior softball women loved it! My second one. First one also great bat! this bat is amazing for durbys, seeing that it doesnt have any stamps, put out 15 of 20 on a 315 foot field, and half of those were almost 400ft shots... id rather this then my big league Krankinstine burby bat! Good pop, great feel. Decent sweet spot. I swing the 34/30 , but feels much lighter. PLAYED IN COLUMBUS, OHIO. SPA 75+. ONLY HIT I HOMERUN IN 6 GAMES, BUT IT WENT WELL OVER THE 300FT FENCE. PLAYERS FROM TEAMS WATCHING WERE IMPRESSED WITH THE DISTANCE, BEST BAT EVER MADE. This bat is out of this world. When i first got this bat it was to be a back up, i put about 60 hits on it in practices, and then the balls were flying , one of the shortstops said Know one is getting in front of your line drives, i dont have power just get lucky now and then yesterday i one hopped a 300 fence 4 times, i have the 26 oz and before spring leagues i will have the 27 oz and most likly buy a few more I HAVE FOUND THE ONLY BAT I NEED MIKEN ULTRA ll it really works This is a great bat. Miken is making had a lot of hot bats out right now and this is one. Great feel. Has a nice sweet spot. Quality bat Great pop out of the wrapper - our female players were hitting well into the outfield with this bat Fabulous distance and speed
Dangerous for infielders especially pitchers
good feel to handle
doesn't take much to break it in Just received my bat the day before my game. We were playing the second game, so we had no bating practice. I'm 69 and weigh 180 lbs. Went 4 for 5 with a new bat with no brake in time. First hit was a smash up the middle which took out are runner on second base. He stated the ball got there so fast he could not get out of the way. Nice power on my other 3 hits. Had a super day. After a long time away from the game, I showed up for practice with a senior winter league team. Grabbed a friends' bat for BP, and with the first swing I was hitting smash line drives and 300+ flys. This was a really big deal, after no swings in a dozen years. The bat was a Miken Ultra II. Afterwards, I found out half the team had the same bat. Ordered one the next day. Short break in, tremendous pop out of the wrapper, and I'm hitting the ball harder than I did when I left the game. Just started playing with a senior league after a decade off. I needed new equipment, and swung a team mates' bat the first couple times out. A seasoned Ultra II. It felt great, well balanced, great pop, and I hit the ball harder and farther than when I left the game. It turns out that 8 of the guys on the team all swing an Ultra II. I made it 9. Back into senior softball after a long absence. Heard the Miken 2 was the PRO bat to use. Found a used 29oz for a $100. I tried other bats but the Miken felt good and gave good distance. However, after a 3 month summer season & 3 times a week practice sessions the Miken broke like an egg. Now I hit hard but at 162 pounds I didn't think I hit THAT hard. It's barely broken in, but it's beginning to pop. Went 5-7 tonight with 3 hard lined shots. I love the balance and feel of this bat. great feeling, good pop, masive sweet spot Extremely hot bat. Adds plenty of distance. Everything comes off hot! I have had them last as long as two seasons or as little as two tournaments. Good bat have no complaints. Good feel, well balanced, good pop with nice sweet spot. Great feel right out of the wrapper. Nice pop. If your looking for a bat. Just Bats is the place to get it, hands down. Fast Shipping. A+++ Solid feel of ball on bat. Play in a weekly non-sanctioned league. We use F12 Clinchers. Out of the gate, with just a few soft tosses to break in, the ball jumped off the bat in my first game, with solid contact on every at bat. Absolutely love the thin handle. Felt good right out of the wrapper but it kept getting a little better every time I hit. I bought the 28 oz. and the balance is great. I was out of the game for a while and this seems to let me pick up some of what I lost over the years. Ball comes strongly off the bat. Good line drives. Nice bat.. Good pop good balanced feel excellent bat for someone who has played a lot of fast pitch league ball and wants to move to slow pitch softball. It took me a long time to find a bat that does that and the
Msu2 does that very well
Used in 4 games so far have increased my on base average decent pop Bat does the work for me. Hot right out of the box Nothing Great service from JustBats Immediately game time ready. Hot outta the box! Hot right out of the wrapper. Big sweet spot. Nice pop. Great bat! With only 3 swings launched one 350 Still breaking in but used in a tournament this weekend. By Sunday the ball was flying off the barrel! Already broken in. Hit a double first time at bat!,
Review by Articulate (Posted on 3/13/2022)

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