Mizuno Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MZM271

Mizuno Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MZM271

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  • 271 Turn Model - Medium To Slightly Thicker Handle, Long Taper and Shorter Barrel Length.

  • Approximate Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel (Commonly Preferred By Both Contact And Power Hitters)

  • Made From Hand-Selected & Top-Quality Rock Hard Maple Wood

  • Cupped Barrel End

  • Flared Knob Shape

  • Pro Ink Dot Certified & MLB Approved

  • Colorway: Matte Black | Matte Grey

  • Mizuno Compresses The Barrel Grains & This Will Allow For Sharper & Further Hits + Awesome Sound When Contact Is Made On The Barrel.

  • Bat Is Painted With A Furniture-Grade Finish For An Incredible Look!

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Mizuno Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MZM271
Baseball Bats Wood Baseball
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black | Grey
Deals Personalization Eligible
End Design Cupped
Hitting Style Contact Hitter | Power Hitter
Ink Dot No
Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Wood
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor Mizuno
Wood Type Maple


Mizuno Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MZM271

Get the world-famous 271 turn model when you make a purchase of this Mizuno Pro Select Maple Wood Bat!

Bat Benefits

Mizuno constructs this bat with their top-quality Rock Hard Maple wood and even better, they compress the grains of the maple wood. By compressing the grains, Mizuno makes the surface of the barrel harder and if you connect well with a baseball on the barrel of this bat, it is going to go places...and it's going to get there quickly!

The 271 style turn of wood bat has to be the most commonly used wood baseball bat floating around amateur and professional ball diamonds. It is definitely going to have more of a balanced feel to it. However, contact and power hitters adore 271 style bats. It has a medium-to-slightly thicker handle plus a flared knob that seems to fit comfortably into a lot of players' hands. As well, batters seem to be able to control the 271 bats with relative ease while also generating fast enough bat speed that can send baseballs deep into the power alleys!


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