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1902 Trefle & Vetiver Eau De Toilette Spray By Berdoues

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A fresh and lush eau de toilette, Trèfle & Vetiver brings freshness and vitality. The smoky and woody notes of the vetiver brings all the character of this fragrance. 

As refreshing as the morning dew, the fragrance opens with round green apple aromas and a profuse citrus burst. At its heart, the natural scent of lilly of the valley combines with a soft, warm neroli and delicate green notes from the clover. Finally, woody, smoky vetiver blends with cedar and is enveloped in warm amber and musk. 

- Clover originates in Europe, Asia and America and is used in perfumery for its citrus, green, floral aromas. 
- Vetiver essence is obtained by distilling the roots of a shrub from Reunion Island, Java and Haiti. It has a very distinctive warm, woody, green, smoky, earthy aroma. 
- Pomelo is the botanical name of the fruit which is commonly known as grapefruit. It is grown mainly in the United States, Israel, South Africa and Argentina. The essential oil extraced from its peel has a bitter, green, citrus, slightly sulphurous aroma. 

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