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Amouage Interlude Eau De Parfum Spray By Amouage

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In 2012, Amouage launched a perfume and cologne inspired by the balance and tranquility associated with disorder.

Amouage Interlude is a sweet and balsamic perfume that features feminine notes alongside traditional Arabic perfume ingredients.

The top starts out with a sweet and spicy theme thanks to the bergamot, grapefruit, ginger and tagete. The rich heart mixes unlikely ingredients together including rose, orange blossom, nut, coffee, jasmine, frankincense, opoponax, sandalwood, helichrysum, honey, agarwood and kiwi. Musk, leather, tonka bean, amber, vanilla, benzoin, oakmoss and sandalwood blend together to create an opulent, warm finish for the perfume.

Amouage is a perfumery based in Oman. This company often gets its inspiration from Arabic traditions. Not only do many of the fragrances use Arabic spices, but even the packaging looks to these traditions.

Amouage Interlude, for example, comes in a rich blue bottle with gold plated decorations. The bottle is in the shape of the Palace Ruwi Mosque.

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