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Anais Anais Premier Delice Perfume By CACHAREL

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Cacharel has been around since 1978, but with the launch of Anais Anais Premier Delice in 2014, they have really made some waves.

The scent offered by the perfume is the epitome of passion and love. The top notes you are going to notice right off the bat include lemon galbanum, orange and bergamot. To add a little sweetness, green pear zests are put in as well. The true heart of this perfume comes from the delicate sensibilities offered by peony and hyacinth. You are going to notice some woody cedar in the base along with a soft cocoa trail.

This perfume was made by Dora Baghriche-Arnaud and Oliver Cresp. Born in Algiers, Baghriche-Arnaud has worked with some of the biggest fragrance brands in the world, including Salvadore Ferragamo and Versace. Cresp comes from a family with a long history of developing fragrances, and he has intensively studied the raw materials that go into the best scents. He has worked with other great perfume manufacturers such as quest and De Laire.

Cacharel is well-known throughout the world of making fragrances that are both personal and romantic. The intoxicating aroma is perfect for applying on yourself before hitting the town, so heads will be turning all the time. 

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