Rawlings Threat -12 USA Baseball Bat: US9T12

Rawlings Threat -12 USA Baseball Bat: US9T12

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  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Drop 12 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • One-Piece, All-Composite Baseball Bat

  • USA Baseball Certification

  • Approved For Play In AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, Pony, & USSSA

  • Colorway: Green | Navy

  • Carbon Fiber Barrel Provides Premium Pop & Further Ball Flight

  • Innovative End Cap Reduces Swing Weight For More Control

  • Standard Rawlings Bat Grip Optimizes Comfort

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

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Rawlings Threat -12 USA Baseball Bat: US9T12
Approved For USA Bat
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8
Baseball Bats Youth
Bat Construction One-Piece
Bat Type Baseball
Color Green | Navy
Deals Personalization Eligible | Closeout Bats | Bundle and Save
Length to Weight Ratio -12
Material Composite
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor Rawlings


Rawlings USA bats are leading the charge in improving batting averages across the nation. The Threat is inflicting fear into pitchers with its big barrel and bright cosmetics. With a one-piece, 100% composite construction, this model utilizes a carbon fiber barrel that improves trampoline and overall pop at the plate while offering a stiff feel at impact for further ball flight on contact. And with a lightweight, balanced design, the Rawlings Threat is the perfect option for younger players who are struggling with their swing speed. Let's not forget that each baseball bat comes pre-wrapped with a standard, tacky grip that enhances both comfort and control. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro!

This Rawlings Threat USA Baseball Bat (US9T12) features a drop 12 length to weight ratio, a huge 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter, and the USA Baseball certification. With that stamp, this model is approved for play in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, Pony, and USA. Become a menace at the ballpark and buy one of these Rawlings USA baseball bats with free shipping and a full one (1) year manufacturer's warranty. Don't forget, with our expert customer service, we'll be here for you from click to hit!


Customer Reviews

Just received this bat, so too early to tell how it performs but wanted to give everyone an idea of the true weight... since everyone seems to be having the same problem with players aged 5-7 and the new USA bat rules, I was excited to see a -12 that had the bigger barrel finally released. I bought a 28/16. The true weight is 17.5 ounces. For comparison my son has a Demarini Uprising -10 27/17 that weights in at 19 ounces that he could swing pretty well (and has awesome pop for an aluminum 2 1/4 barrel) but was a tad too heavy for him. Will 1.5 ounces make any difference? Not sure yet. I'll try and post a follow up after it's broken in. Weight is actually awesome. My 9yr old (10 May 29) just got the 30/18. Ordered late Monday and got Thursday in time for Saturdays game. Friday worked him out and he loved it. Game Day today went hitless, with bases loaded the lead off hitter asked if he could use it. Bombed a deep double. No "ping" noise off bat which is misleading but the ball really jumps off the bat. This evening we went and had BP and hitting the sweet spot is like GOLD!!!! miss the sweet spot you do get the sting! We've only hit for 3days but very impressed so far! My son was struggling at the plate his last 3 games. I got him this bat and he went 3 for 3 with a home run, double and single. He is very happy and loves the bat. The ball pops off the bat and the -12 length to weight ratio is perfect for him. This is a great product and would recommend to everyone Wanted to right a follow up... and I echo the other reviews. This bat is unreal! My son (6, almost 7) was struggling with his previous bat. We have hit BP with this one and I couldn't believe how far the ball was traveling... almost got my head taken off on one. I would consider this bat pretty hot out of the box, considering we've only put about 50 swings on it and the ball flies off. And yes, actually get one in the sweet spot and be prepared to be amazed.
I would highly recommend this bat to anyone, and get it sooner than later. I have a feeling it's going to be a hot commodity once more people find out about it.
My son also commented on the grip and how much he likes it... doesn't want to replace it. Received bat only 2 days after ordering!!
I'm very impressed with the Rawlings Threat bat. Hitting about 200 balls off the tee (rotating the bat after each hit) helps with the stiffness. I've really noticed a world of difference in my sons hitting at practices and in games.. The entire team is now using this bat, they all love it!

Awesome "pop" sound when the ball makes contact with the bat. My son loves everything about this bat and i definitely recommend to any young little league player who's looking for a BIG confidence boost at the plate. I've done my research and For the price, the drop weight (-12) the barrel size (2 5/8) and best of all it being a composite bat you CANNOT find a better deal any place else like it that's USA stamped. Best decision i made was purchasing the Rawlings Threat for my son.
Son is almost 10. Kinda small for his age compared to others his age. He has longer arms so i purchased the 28 inch, which is the perfect size for him. light weight, perfectly slight end weighted. True to the weight published.
29/17 for my little 8U player. On food scale came in at 18.10 oz. True to weight. As advertised. Very happy with the bat Ball just jumps off the barrel like a normal full composite bat. ultra balanced and super lightweight one piece composite. good feel on sweet spot hits, pop increased after about 250 hits. weighs very true to stated weight. swings like a lighter bersion of the 5150..overall a good choice for those looking to shed an ounce or two... very light, durable bat. ball jumps off the bat with no ping feels great in my hands hitting infield hit the sweet spot and you'll see ultra-light swinging bat thats close to its listed weight, with a balanced feel & nice sized barrel.. the barrel profile is similar to the 5150, but in a one piece composite design. it shows good pop, better then the Ghost-X now that its broken in. comes with a nice stock grip.. My Son plays Travel ball and Select AAU and his bat has been the 618 Solo. I have been mixing in Threat when he starts to feel a little tired in tournaments after 2 or 3 games. My son is a line drive hitter and the Rawlings has produced some shots that Rival the Mako Beast that he plays in AAU in terms of exit velocity. The bat is quiet and in our last tournament the other team didn't react when the ball was scorched through the infield about head high. Couple of the dads were talking about how quiet the bat is and it catches you off guard. Great balance and his 29/17 weighs 17.7oz on a scale. End cap really cheapens the bat and the grip is slippery. Replaced ours with a black Lizard Skin and it feels a lot better. Bat has some vibration but on a scale of 1-10, Rawlings a 4, Solo a 3 and Ghost X HL a 8 for comparison. I think once the bat breaks in it may overtake the Solo as the USA bat of choice. Smaller kids will love it and make the game easier and more enjoyable to play. easy to swing, -12 ratio is accurate good value and good pop off sweet spot. This bat offers a lot for the money and I don't see another bat that compares for this price. The specs seem almost too good to be true, but the bat delivers. So far, my son loves it.

It's the only drop -12 I could find for my son.

Justbats.com shipped fast. Light. Feels good to swing Great bat, good pop, easy for smaller guys to swing with power Light
Nice sweet spot
nice looking bat and feels good in my sons hands LOTS of POP
Light weight
Price for composite

My son plays travel and PONY, the USA bats as everyone knows are bad.

For PONY, my 9 year old son has the LS 618 Solo, LS 619 Solo Speed, Easton Ghost X, Easton Beast X, and the Rawlings Threat. The threat is by far the best bat with the most pop out there for USA. He hasn't complained at all from the "sting" that many people having been bringing up. Bat The bat is light and my son can easily swing it My son has been ripping the ball since he started using it.. My 9 year old got this bat less than a year ago and used it in the World Series. Worked great, good pop. Vibration was an issue sometimes but overall gave him more power. Several team members tried it and all loved it. Finally, a company who cares enough to put a product out there that doesn't discriminate a players size. My son is 6 years old who has been playing 8u pinto since he was 5. He is not very big for his age but makes up for it in his physical ability, God given talent and love for the game. Our league falls under the Pony umbrella so it was nearly impossible to find a USA/yb spec bat with a length/weight ratio for my son until now...Hopefully other companies will follow Rawlings lead, because there are alot of talented young players out there (especially in Hawaii) that cant obtain the right equipment because no one makes it.???????????? Light weight seems to hold up well my grandson and about half his little league team love it None 8yr old son loves the look, the feel, the weight. Non!! Honestly, other than a lite bat, I can't think of any. Nice bat. Good for the price. Light with some pop. Small barrel should help batter train to hit sweet spot. At beginning it feels weird then you get used to it A very good bat One of the lightest USA bats around. Plenty of pop with nice auditory and tactile feedback. My son and his 8U team love it 27 drop 12
Good pop right out of the rapper Lowe drag Very popular bat in League and All-Star play. My 7u son is not hitting well at the time so it's hard to tell. Mis-hits, especially off the end of the barrel, seem pretty dead. Well-struck balls do just fine. I haven't weighed the bat but it feels very similar to his DeMarini which is supposed to be 2oz heavier. All-in-all, for the money and for being a USA bat it's been a good purchase. Best USA baseball approved bat we have bought yet! Lightweight, priced great for a composite bat! We have tried the ghost,demarini voodoo and the louisville slugger and none compare. This at actually weighs what they claim it does! Only reason I can??t give 5 stars is because it??s still not a usssa bat but it??s definitely better than all the expensive USA baseball bats we??ve tried! Price Bought this bat for my 7 yr old. Wasn't sure about a composite bat, heard a lot about them cracking. This is a mean little bat! We got the 28 inch because we figured he'd grow into it. Hes about 45 inches tall and wasnt going to buy a bat hed grow out of in a season. He is able to swing it really fast and easily gets the ball to the deep outfield with it. I have used this bat myself and have had no issues with cracking. You do need to break it in. About 250 hits should do it. All in all a great bat that he really enjoys using Balanced with a very light swing weight.
Plenty of pop after the bat is broken in (highly recommend 150+ minimum hits off of tee, while rotating the bat, before using)
Color really pops. Good pop in this bat; lightweight and durable. The worst bat I??ve ever bought! Very disappointed 7yr old in coach pitch. He loves this bat! Best bat for the $$$ we have found My son played with this bat for a total of two seasons of travel and two of rec. ball and it worked great as he's not a large kid. For a USA bat, it performed as expected. The balanced swing was a huge benefit for a medium-size kid. LIGHT ENOUGH FOR MY SON WHILE STILL BEING USA APPROVED Closer to advertised weight than most. Good hitter right out of the package and improves as it breaks in. Hard to beat in this price range ! Like this bat. It is light and feels good to swing. If they would make this bat in an other colour and 2 piece, this would be the best bat in the world. None Good weight to length ratio for the younger kids. none Light weight! Looks nice pop is ok same with durability,looks nice none Seems to have decent pop. But will not be using it as it??s changing my sons swing as he is scared to swing it. Nice balance weight and good pop. We ordered this bat on a Tuesday and received it on Wednesday afternoon. Amazing!!! My son is playing 11U and needed a little longer bat with less weight and this did the trick. He went 2 for 3 at the next game he used it and his bat speed improved on the first swing Huge pop, and ball stays hit! Real reward for contact. Everyone on the team wanted to use the bat. Not worth that much Have a lot if pop get it won??t regret getting,
Review by Faithful (Posted on 3/11/2022)

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